Stretch – Strong Minds


Description du défi: Athlètes en santé

What Are We Doing? Submit a photo of you completing a stress-relieving stretch.  

Strong Minds
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Instructions pour le défi: Athlètes en santé

Why is this important? Stretching allows your muscles to let go of where you’re carrying stress, helping you to relax your body and mind.  Reducing our stress through stretches can help us sleep better and feel less anxious. 

Where Should We Do It? Indoors or outdoors. 

What Do We Need? A camera or phone for a picture and your best stress relieving stretch! 

How Should We Set Up? Find a space to complete the stretch, and keep your phone/camera nearby so you can snap a picture when you complete the stretch. 

How Do We Do It? 

    1. Find a space to complete your stress relieving stretch. 
    2. Reach your arms to the sky and bend your body to each side for 30 seconds while breathing deeply. 
    3. Have someone take a photo of you completing your stress relieving stretch. 
    4. Submit your picture!