Eating Green – Opening Eyes


Description du défi: Athlètes en santé

What Are We Doing? Improving and maintaining our eye health. 

Opening Eyes
Type de sport :

Instructions pour le défi: Athlètes en santé

Why is this important? We all want to make our throws and baskets as accurate as possible, right? Green leafy vegetables like spinach, kale, and collards are great for improving and maintaining eye health so that we can always see the basket. 

Where Should We Do It?  Indoors. 

What Do We Need?  A green leafy vegetable and a camera or phone to snap a picture. 

How Should We Set Up? Find a green leafy vegetable and keep your camera/phone close so you can snap a picture. 

How Do We Do It?  

    1. Find a green leafy vegetable. (Some examples are: kale, spinach and collards). 
    2. Once you find a green leafy vegetable, snap a picture of you eating or holding it. 
    3. Submit your picture!