Sun Protection – Opening Eyes


Healthy Athletes Challenge Description

What Are We Doing? Protecting our eyes from the sun.

Opening Eyes
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Healthy Athletes Challenge Instructions

Why is this important? When practicing outside it is important to protect our eyes with sunglasses, a hat or goggles. The intense UV rays of the sun can damage sensitive cells in the eyes which can affect our vision. 

Where Should We Do It? Indoors or outdoors. 

What Do We Need? Something to protect your eyes from the sun. (Some examples are hats, sunglasses or goggles). You also need a camera or a phone to snap a picture. 

How Should We Set Up?  Find something to protect your eyes from the sun and keep your camera/phone close to take a picture. 

 How Do We Do It? 

    1. Find something to protect your eyes from the sun. (Examples include hats, sunglasses or goggles.) 
    2. Find a space indoors or outdoors and take a picture of you in protective eyewear like sunglasses or goggles. 
    3. Submit your picture! 


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