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Healthy Athletes Challenge Description

What Are We Doing? Making sure we have good foot health! 

Fit Feet
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Healthy Athletes Challenge Instructions

Why is this important? Our feet carry us through our day.  They support our legs, hips, stomach, chest and head. If we don’t take care of our feet by cleaning and stretching them, they can negatively affect the rest of our body. 

Where Should We Do It? Indoors. 

What Do We Need? Your favourite pair or a clean pair of socks, and a camera or phone to snap a picture. 

How Should We Set Up? Go to your sock drawer and find socks with holes in them, a clean pair of socks or your favourite socks. You should also keep your phone nearby so you can snap a picture. 

How Do We Do It? 

    1. Go to your sock drawer and find all the socks with holes in them. Once you have found all the socks with holes, throw them away. 
    2. Find a clean pair of socks or your favourite pair of socks. 
    3. Snap a picture of you wearing or holding a clean pair of socks. 
    4. Submit your picture! 


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