Clean Feet – Fit feet


Description du défi: Athlètes en santé

What Are We Doing? Keeping our feet clean so we can perform at our best! 

Fit Feet
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Instructions pour le défi: Athlètes en santé

Why is this important? Keeping your feet clean helps lower the possibility of getting a fungus or bacterial condition. It is important to make sure your toe nails are cut and when you shower, you wash in between your toes and behind your ankles. Do not forget to fully dry your feet after you wash them. 

Where Should We Do It? Indoors. 

What Do We Need? A phone or camera to take a picture and your clean feet. 

How Should We Set Up? Clean feet! You will also need to have your camera or phone ready to snap a picture. 

How Do We Do It? 

    1. Make sure you have clean feet. 
    2. Snap a picture of your clean feet (wearing socks is fine too). 
    3. Submit your picture!