Sun Safety Challenge


Healthy Athletes Challenge Description

What are we doing? Submitting a photo of you/your athletes wearing sunglasses or a hat. 

Health Promotion
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Healthy Athletes Challenge Instructions

Why is this important? Protecting our skin and eyes from the sun helps us avoid things like sunburns, skin cancer and eye damage. 

Where should we do it? Outside, (if you can) including: in a backyard or front yard/balcony. 

What do we need? Any items that you think would be good for practicing sun safety, such as sunscreenhat, or sunglasses. 

How should we set up? Dress up in your ‘sun safety gear’ and get ready for your closeup!  

How Do We Do It? 

    1. Find items in your house that you would need for sun safety outside. 
    2. Once you have all the items you think you need, take a picture of yourself wearing or putting them on!
    3. Submit your picture!  


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