Strong Bones Challenge


Description du défi: Athlètes en santé

What are we doing? Submit a photo of you/your athletes doing a weight bearing or strength exercise, like pushups or squats. 

Health Promotion
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Instructions pour le défi: Athlètes en santé

Why is this important? Building strong bones is important for sport performance and everyday life. Consuming vitamin D and doing weight bearing exercises are good ways to build strong bones. You can get vitamin D from things like spinach, beans, yogurt, orange juice and sunshine.  

Where should we do it? Inside or Outside. 

What do we need? Just your body. 

How should we set up? Find a safe space where you can do push-ups or squats. 

How do we do it? 

    1. Find a space in your house or backyard.
    2. Once in your space, take a picture of you completing a weight bearing or strength exercise
    3. Submit your picture!