Healthy Eating Challenge


Description du défi: Athlètes en santé

What are we doing? Submit a photo of a meal with half of your plate made up of vegetables, or your favourite healthy meal. 

Health Promotion
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Instructions pour le défi: Athlètes en santé

Why is this important? Eating healthy foods helps fuel our bodies and improve our performance, on and off the playing field. We need the nutrients and vitamins in fruits and vegetables to run faster and play longer. To help do this on a budget, check out the grocery store flyers to find out what is on sale or try frozen fruits and vegetables. 

Where should we do it? In your kitchen. 

What do we need? A plate with your favourite healthy foods or meal. 

How should we set up? Find a space in your kitchen and prepare you’re your healthy plate. 

How do we do it? 

    1. Go to your kitchen and make or find your favourite healthy foodmeal or snack.
    2. Once you have found it, take a picture of yourself with your healthy food, meal or snack! 
    3. Submit your photo!