Hygiene Challenge


Healthy Athletes Challenge Description

What are we doing? Submit a photo of you/your athletes in clean sports equipment. 

Health Promotion
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Healthy Athletes Challenge Instructions

Why is this important? Hygiene is an important part of health and a good way to protect yourself and other from getting sick. Hand washing, showering, wearing deodorant, and cleaning your clothes and sports equipment are all part of good hygiene.  

Where should we do it? Inside or outside. 

What do we need? A clean sports jersey or piece of equipment. 

How should we set up? Find a safe space inside or outside with your jersey or piece of equipment. 

How do we do it? 

    1. Go to your safe space inside or outside. 
    2. Pose with your jersey or piece of equipment and take a picture of yourself! 
    3. Submit your photo! 


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