Hydration Challenge


Healthy Athletes Challenge Description

What are we doing? Submit a photo of you/your athletes taking a water break. 

Health Promotion
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Healthy Athletes Challenge Instructions

Why is this important? Staying hydrated is important to maintaining the health of every part of our bodies, including our teeth. Saliva is 99% water, so drinking plenty of water will ensure your mouth produces enough saliva to keep your teeth protected. 

Where should we do it? Wherever your workout, or activity is being performed. 

What do we need? A water bottleyour smile and a camera or phone. 

How should we set up? During your water break, snap a picture! 

How do we do it? 

    1. Wait for your water break. 
    2. At the break hold up your water bottle, smile big and take your photo! 
    3. Submit your photo. 


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