Saucer Passing


Description du défi

What Are We Doing? Attempting to score by shooting over an obstacle 

Floor Hockey
Type de sport :

Instructions pour les défis

Where Should We Do It? Driveway, Backyard, Sidewalk, flat hard ground 

What Do We Need? Measuring tape, tape/chalk, 2 laundry baskets/ storage bins/ small garbage cans, hockey stick, puck/small balls/rolled socks 

How Should We Set Up? Mark your shooting line with chalk or tape, measure 10 feet from the line and place one of your baskets/bins upside down (this is your obstacle), measure 5 feet from the obstacle and place your second basket/bin here with the opening facing your shooting line.  

How Do We Do It?  

    1. From your shooting line shoot the puck/ball/socks 10 times
    2. You are trying to shoot over the obstacle and get the puck into the second basket 
    3. Keep track of what happens each time (lands in 2nd basket, hits 2nd basket, goes over obstacle but doesn’t score or hit the target) 
    4. Award the following points to each of your shots: 

            Lands in the Basket – 5 points 

            Hit the target Basket – 2 point 

            Makes it over the Obstacle, but does not hit or go into the target  basket – 1 point 

Scoring: Add up all of your points- 2 in the basket (10)+ 1 hit the target basket (2)+ 7 misses= 12 points 


Type de score : Points
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