Crazy Goalie Photo Contest


Challenge Description

What Are We Doing? Make yourself look like a goalie using items from around your house 

Floor Hockey
Sport type:

Challenge Instructions

Where Should We Do It? Anywhere in or outside at your home 

What Do We Need? Any items that you think will be able to make you look like a goalie (get permission to use the items you would like) 

How Should We Set Up? Dress yourself up in your “equipment” and get ready for your close up 

How Do We Do It? 

    1. Use household items to make yourself look like a goalie (NO real hockey equipment allowed) 
    2. You will need to look like you are wearing: a helmet, blocker, leg pads, a blocker or glove and a stick 
    3. Once you think you have winning goalie equipment take a picture  of yourself 
    4. Submit your picture! 


Score type : Judged
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