Spare Shooting Challenge


Challenge Description

What are we doing? Out of 10 shots how many times can you knock down 2 targets?

Sport type:

Challenge Instructions

Where should we do it? Driveway, sidewalk, or long hall (with permission).

What do we need? Two ‘pins’ (toilet paper rolls), a ball (softball, tennis ball) and something to mark your throw line.

How should we set up? Place your ‘pin’ 1 foot apart, take 10 BIG steps away from your targets and mark your throw line.

How do we do it?

1) From your throw line roll the ball towards your targets and try to knock both down.

2) Repeat the step above 10 times.

3) Each time you knock one of the targets down give yourself 1 point.

4) Combine the total number of times you knocked down one of the targets. If you missed 5 times (0), knocked 1 target down 7 times (7) and knocked both targets down 3 times (6) your total point score would be 0+7+6=13.

Score type : Points
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