Dribbling Challenge


Description du défi

What are we doing? In one minute, dribble through the cones as many times as you can. 

Type de sport :

Instructions pour les défis

Where should we do it? Driveway, sidewalk, backyard, or long hall (with permission). 

What do we need? Soccer ball, eight cones (cans, rolled up socks) tape measure (if you have one) and a stopwatch or timer on your phone. 

How should we set up? Make sure your space is clear of any obstacles you could slip or trip on. Place the eight cones (or objects) in a line with 1 meter, or 1 BIG step, between each one.   

How do we do it?  

1) Start at one end of the cones. Dribble the soccer ball weaving between the cones all the way to the end.  

2) Dribble beside the cones in a straight line back to the beginning.  

3) Continue to dribble through the cones as many times as you can until the one minute is up.  

4) One point is awarded each time a cone is passed in a weave. If you miss going between the cones do not count them.  

5) While doing the dribbling drill Mike got through the cones 1 and a half times, but he didn’t weave through 2 of the cones. So he passed 12 cones, but 2 were taken out because of not weaving through them. His score would be 10.  

Type de score : Points
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