Shooting Challenge


Description du défi

What are we doing? Seeing how many times you can score when you take 10 shots.  

Type de sport :

Instructions pour les défis

Where should we do it? Driveway, sidewalk, or backyard. 

What do we need? Soccer ball (or any large ball you can kick), two pylons (cans, rocks, socks), tape or string, and measuring tape. 

How should we set up? Make sure you space is clear of anything you could trip or slip on. Set up your goal by placing two items 4 meters, or 4 BIG steps, apart. Measure 6 meters or 6 BIG steps from the center of the goal line and mark your shooting line with tape or a rope.  

How do we do it?  

1) From the shooting line take 10 shots at your goal. 

2) Keep track of how many times your shot goes between the two goal markers.  

3) Each goal is worth 1 point. 

4) Keep track of how many goals you score out of the 10 shots you take and give yourself 1 point for each goal. If Alex scored 6 times and missed 4 times he would enter in 6 points as his final score.  

Type de score : Points
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