800m Challenge


Description du défi

What are wedoing?How fast can you run/walk 800M in your snowshoes?
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Instructions pour les défis

Where should we doit? Outside at your school or at a local park.

What do weneed?  Stopwatch or a timer app on your phone, measuring tape, two pylon-like items (jugs, Tupperware), appropriate clothing for outdoor activities and your snowshoes. It would be best to have another person from your household with you to time your race.

How should we setup?Place one pylon as your “Start Line”. Measure your distance and place your 2nd pylon as your “Finish Line”.

How do we do it?

1) Starting position: Facing the finish line, place your snowshoe at the start line.

2) Ready to start your timer/stopwatch.

3) ”Ready, 1, 2, 3, Go!” You will start the race and your helper will start the timer!

4) Run or Walk as fast as you can to the finish line.  Timer will stop when you cross the finish line.

5)Submit your time into the results page.

Type de score : Time
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