Target Passing Challenge


Description du défi

What are wedoing?How many passes can you make?
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Instructions pour les défis

Where should we do it? Flat hard surface with a flat surface to pass to- Driveway with side of house, hard floor  with wall (with permission). 

What do we need? Masking tape/chalk, Basketball/Volleyball, Flat surface. 

How should we set up? Measure a 12’ diameter circle at chest height on the side of the house or wall. Take 4-5 big steps back from the target.  

How do we do it?  

1) Using a chest pass motion throw the ball at the target 10 times. 

2) Count how many times you hit the target. 

3) Now use a bounce pass motion 10 times.  

4) Count how many times you hit the target. 

5) Add up how many times you hit the target using both the chest pass and bounce pass for your total number of target hits. Chest passes 6+ Bounce Passes 4= 10 Total target hits.  

Type de score : Points
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