Accuracy Short Shot Challenge


Description du défi

What are we doing? How close can you get to a target that is 2m away from you? 

Type de sport :

Instructions pour les défis

Where should we do it? Driveway, sidewalk, backyard, or long hall (with permission). 

What do we need?  A tape measure or ruler, chalk or tape, something to act as your palina (ball, rock, can etc), and bocce ball or tennis ball/softball/rolled up socks. 

How should we set up? Place a line on the ground using your chalk or tape and measure 2 meters or 2 BIG steps, and place the palina (or what you are using) on the ground.   

How do we do it?  

1) From the shooting line throw your Bocce ball (tennis ball/roll of socks) attempting to land as close to the palina as possible.  

2) Measure from the edge of your ‘ball’ to the edge of the palina *remember to measure in centimeters. 

3) You can take up to 5 attempts and use your best score. 

4) Measure how close you are to the palina each time you throw: 5.25cm, 4.75cm, 2cm, 7.5cm, 3.5cm. Submit the time that you were closest= 2cm.

Type de score : Points
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