Lane Slide


Challenge Description

What are we doing? How many times can you shuffle between cones in 1 minute.

Basketball, Floor Hockey, Soccer, Softball
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Challenge Instructions

Where should we do it? Indoors or Outdoors on a non-slip surface.  Large area to allow for 12 feet of space between the cones.  

What do we need? Stopwatch or timer app on your phone, a measuring tape, two cone type objects (jugs,  piece of tape) and appropriate footwear. 

How should we set-up?Place the two conesin a straight line 12 feet apart 

How do we do it? 

    1. Stand behind cone #1, with feet slightly wider than hips and knees slightly bent. 
    2. On “Go” start the timer. Participant should move to cone #2 using small, quick lateral shuffle steps. Remember to touch the cone! 
    3. Repeat the movement back to the starting cone (Cone #1) 
    4. Participant should continue shuffling right and left touching each cone for one minute.  

Count how many times the participant can go from one cone to the other in one minute. This total is your final score. Only count fully completed slides. If time runs out midway between cones, count the last touched cone as the final repetition.  

Score type : Time
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