Bowling Ball Tap


Challenge Description

What Are We Doing?  Touch a ball to the ground as many times as possible in one minute! 

Bocce, Bowling
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Challenge Instructions

What Are We Doing? Touch a ball to the ground as many times as possible in one minute! 

Where Should We Do It?  Open space, inside or outside. 

What Do We Need?  Stopwatch or timer on your phone and a lightweight ball or other lightweight container (empty milk container, pillow, empty shoe box) 

How Should We Set-up? Clear space around you so you do not trip or slip. 

How Do We Do It? 

    1. Start with your feet together and holding your ball (or other object) in both hands. 
    2. Lift one foot off the ground. Bend your knees slightly. 
    3. Reach down and touch the floor with your object while keeping only one foot on the ground and keeping your balance. 
    4. Return to the upright position. Keep the foot lifted off the ground and maintain balance. 
    5. Repeat this exercise as many times as possible in one minute.  


    • If needed, put your raised foot on the ground between exercises to help maintain balance. 
    • Alternate feet each time. 

Scoring:  Let us know how many ball taps you were able to do in one minute. 


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