Two-Foot Lateral Bound


Challenge Description

What Are We Doing? How many times can you do a two-foot lateral bound, in one minute? 

Alpine Skiing
Sport type:

Challenge Instructions

Where Should We Do It? Any flat, no-slip surface indoors or outdoors with no obstacles. 

What Do We Need? Stopwatch or a timer app on your phone, low object to jump over (flat cone pylon, piece of rope, chalk or paint line) 

How Should We Set Up?Place the object on the ground and stand beside it. 

How Do We Do It?  

    1. Set your timer for one minute. 
    2. Jump with both feet, sideways over the object, and land on both feet and repeat for one minute. 
    3. Pace yourself and take breaks if needed – you have one minute to complete as many bounds as you can.
    4.  Submit the number of times you bounded side-to-side in one minute. (Each bound is counted as one.) 


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