Ball Control


Description du défi

What are we doing? Completing the course as quickly as possible

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Instructions pour les défis

Where Should We Do It? Backyard, driveway, large room (if possible)  

What Do We Need? Soccer ball, five (5) cones (or a similar item), tape measure (if you have one) and a stopwatch or timer on your phone

How Should We Set Up? Make sure your space is clear of obstacles you could slip or trip on. Place the 5 cones in an ‘X’ shape. Six meters (or six BIG steps) between the cones on the sides and three meters (or three BIG steps) between the corner cones and the middle cone.

How Do We Do It?  

  1. Start at the first cone. Dribble with the soccer ball to the second cone and stop the ball.
  2. Leaving the ball at the second cone, run around cone three and four before returning to the second cone.
  3. Once you return to the second cone, take the ball and dribble around the fifth cone and back to the starting point.
  4. All cones must be passed for the time to be counted
Type de score : Time
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