Sweeping Challenge


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What are we doing? Studies have shown that the most effective sweeping happens in the first 20 seconds of sweeping a rock. Although we can’t measure how much pressure is put on your broom without the right tools, we can evaluate how quickly you can sweep. Count (or have someone nearby count) how many sweeping strokes you can make in 20 seconds!

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Instructions pour les défis

Where should we do it?

Option A – Inside at home: on a hardwood or tile floor (not on carpet). 

Option B – On the curling ice. 

What do we need? Curling broom (or household broom), towel or protective cover for broom, a stopwatch or timer. 

How should we set-up?  

Option A – Inside at home: find your broom of choice (curling broom, Swiffer, household broom), and where you are going to try the challenge (hardwood or tile floor works best). Place a towel (tea towels work great!) on the ground or protective covering around your broom. Test using your broom on the floor lightly to make sure the broom slides nicely and doesn’t scratch the floor or the broom head. Set your timer for 20 seconds.  

Option B – On the curling ice: use your curling broom and find a space on the ice that is not near anyone else practicing. Set your timer for 20 seconds.  

How do we do it? 

    1. Get your broom, sweeping surface, and timer ready
    2. Start your timer for 20 seconds and start sweeping! Count how many sweeping strokes you can do before time runs out.  
    3. To count your sweeping strokes, count each time you push the broom away from your body and each time you bring it back towards your body. For example, pushing the broom away from you counts as 1, and bringing it back towards you counts 2, then back away from you would count 3, etc. 
    4. Try a few times (make sure you rest in between!)
    5. Send in the highest score you achieved in 20 seconds!
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