On-The-Spot Circuit


Challenge Description

What are we doing?

Do 10 each of all five exercises in a row, as fast you can!

Sport type:

Challenge Instructions

Where should we do it?

At your team training session, or a room in your home with lots of space, or your backyard.

What do we need?

Stopwatch or timer app on your phone.

How should we set-up?

Make sure your workout space is clear of obstacles you could slip or trip on.

How do we do it?

1) Start your timer.

2) Do each of these exercises ten times, one after another, in this order:

  • A)10 push-ups.
  • B)10 sit-ups.
  • C)10 lateral bounds with a hop.
  • D)10-second side-planks on each side.
  • E)10 stride jumps.

3) Pace yourself and remember to take breaks if needed.

4) Stop your timer and record the time.

5) Submit the time it took you to complete the exercises in order.

Score type : Time

Score type : Time
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