21 Game – Team Challenge


Challenge Description

What are we doing?  The basketball shooting game Twenty One.  This challenge is to be played with your SOO teammates.  Gather up some teammates and play games of Twenty One.

Sport type:

Challenge Instructions

Where should we do it? 

Anywhere with a regulation 10 foot basketball hoop.

What do we need? 

  • A basketball
  • A regulation 10 foot basketball hoop
  • Tape, chalk or a marker
  • A measuring device if not playing on a marked court

How do we set it up? 

  • If you are playing on a marked court, no set up is needed!
  • If you are playing at home or an unmarked court, from the backboard, measure 15 feet (5 big steps) from the backboard. Mark this spot with a cone or tape. This will act as your foul line.

Remember to use hand sanitizer often.

How do we do it? 

  • The goal of the game is to play the game of Twenty One against a teammate.
  • The game is to score 21 points before your your opponent does.
  • Flip a coin to see who will shoot first.
  • The first athlete will begin with a shot from the foul line. A successfully made shot from this spot is worth 2 points.
  • If the first athlete misses the initial shot from the foul line, the second athlete should retrieve the rebound. They will then have one attempt to sink this shot. If they are successful, they will get one point, and move to the foul line to shoot the next shot.  If the second athlete is unsuccessful on the initial rebound shot, the first opponent will recover their rebound and take the next shot from that rebound location.
  • This play will continue until one player has scored 21 points.

Results:  Win = 2 points, Loss = 1 point

Record your points on the results page.

The more games you play, the more points you will earn.


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