Run Around the Bases


Challenge Description

What are we doing?  

How fast can you run around all 3 bases and make it to home plate.  

Sport type:

Challenge Instructions

Where should we do it?  

Outdoors on a non-slip surface. A large area that allows lots of space between all four bases.  

What do we need?  

  • Stopwatch or timer app on your phone
  • 4 bases or some type of markers to know where your bases are (I.e., cones, pinnies, t-shirts etc.)
  • Appropriate footwear.  

How should we set-up?  

Place the four “bases” in a diamond formation. The bases should be 10 big steps apart.   

How do we do it?  

  1. Start at home plate (the one marked with an X), and run in a counter clockwise direction to all of the “bases”. 
  2. Make sure to touch each one of the “bases” as you travel by.  
  3. After you have touched “1st base”, “2nd base”, and “3rd base”, run back to home plate.  
  4. Try to run around the bases as fast as possible. Time starts when you leave home plate and stops when you return to home plate. Total time to run the “bases” is recorded into the results.  
  5. Don’t forget to celebrate every “home run” with a dance or cheer!  

Score type: Time


Score type : Time
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