Throw, Clap, Catch


Challenge Description

What are we doing?  

How many times can you throw the ball up in the air, clap your hands together and then catch the ball out of 25 throws. 

Sport type:

Challenge Instructions

Where should we do it?  

Indoors or outdoors, where there is enough ceiling room to throw a ball above your head.  

What do we need?  

  • A small ball (I.e., baseball, softball, tennis ball, etc.) If you do not have a ball at home, you can roll a pair of socks together in the shape of a ball. 
  • Optional: Softball glove. 

How should we set-up?  

Find some open space around you that allows you to be able to move without tripping or falling.  

How do we do it?  

  1. Stand in a position ready to be active, with a ball in your throwing hand and your glove on the other hand (if using a glove).  
  2. When ready, throw the ball up in the air. Before it comes down, clap your glove and hand together and then try to catch it with your glove (if not using a glove, clap hands together).  
  3. Repeat these steps 24 more times.  
  4. Keep track of how many times you successfully throw, clap and catch the ball. One successful catch, equals one point. 

Score type: Points 

Score type : Points
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