Working Trail Challenge


Challenge Description

What are we doing?
Tackling a 4 element working trail (obstacle) course with as much precision and speed
that you can!


Sport type:

Challenge Instructions

Where should we do it?
Outside on level ground

What do we need?
● 1 ball such as a tennis ball or baseball
● 1 bucket
● 4 pylons or similar objects
● 2 hockey sticks or hurdles
● 2 skipping ropes (or rope of approximately 5 – 6 metres in length)
● Timer

How should we set up?
● Place the bucket 2 metres away from your start line.
● Place 4 pylons 5 metres away from the start line, 1 metre apart in a straight line.
● 5 metres following the last pylon, place your 2 hockey sticks/hurdles down with 3 metres
between them.
● 5 metres following the second hockey stick place your 2 skipping ropes down to make a
straight continuous line

How do we do it?
● Stand at the start line hanging onto the ball.
● Timer starts and your first element is to throw your ball successfully into the bucket, keep
trying until it goes in!
● Once successful, move as quickly as you can to the 2nd element where you will weave
through the line of 4 pylons.
● Continue on to the 3rd element, the hockey sticks/hurdles and leap over them.
● Continue on to the 4th element, skipping ropes where you will need to slow down and
walk on them like a balance beam making sure with every step you are touching the
● After the balance beam, turn and move as quickly as you can back to the starting line
where you will stop your timer.

● Let us know how long it took you to complete the working trail course!

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