Pole Bending Challenge


Challenge Description

What are we doing?
Weaving through a pole bending course as fast as we can!


Sport type:

Challenge Instructions

Where should we do it?
Outside on level ground, preferably grass

What do we need?
● 6 pylons or object that may represent a pole in the ground
● 1 object to designate your start/finish line
● Timer

How should we set up?
● Place your start/finish object on ground then measure 10 metres to where you will place
your first pylon.
● Set your 6 pylons in a straight line separated by 2 meters.

How do we do it?
● Your timer starts when you take off as fast as you can from your start line and run all the way until you reach the 6th pylon.
● Take a sharp turn around that 6th pylon and weave back through all the pylons.
● When you reach the 1st pylon, take a sharp turn around it and weave all the way back to
the 6th pylon.
● When you get back to the 6th pylon, take a sharp turn and run straight back to the
start/finish line where your timer will stop.

● Let us know how fast you were able to complete the pole bending challenge!

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