Posting Trot Challenge


Challenge Description

What are we doing?
Mimicking a posting trot on a horse by completing as many squats as we can in 60


Sport type:

Challenge Instructions

Where should we do it?
Inside or outside on level ground


What do we need?
● Chair (kitchen or dining chair is best)
● Timer
● An extra person to help count your repetitions


How should we set up?
● Find a smooth surface to stand and place chair directly behind you

How do we do it?
● Spread feet shoulder width apart or just slightly wider
● When your timer starts, squat down as if sitting into the chair
● When the back of your thighs or your bottom just starts to touch the chair, stand back up
again, that is one repetition.
● Continue until your 60 seconds is up and don’t forget to count!

● Let us know how many squats you were able to perform in 60 seconds

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