Unified Marshmallow Toss


Challenge Description

What are we doing? Seeing how many marshmallows your team can catch in a cup in 60 seconds.  

Minute to Win It
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Challenge Instructions

Where should we do it? An open safe space that is flat. 

What do we need? Tape, chalk or something to mark 2 lines, a regular sized cup, a bag of marshmallows (pom poms, paper crumpled into small balls), unified partner that lives with you, stopwatch or timer on your phone. 

How should we set up? Mark where each partner will stand, the lines should be 6 feet apart. One partner should hold the cup while the other has the bag of marshmallows (pom poms/ paper).  

How do we do it?  

1) Set your timer for 60 seconds. 

2) When the timer starts the partner with the marshmallows should begin tossing them to the partner with the cup.  

3) The partner with the cup should try to catch each marshmallow without crossing their line. 

4) When the timer goes of at the end of 60 seconds count how many marshmallows you were able to catch. 

Scoring: At the end of your 60 seconds count how many marshmallows were caught in the cup 1 marshmallow= 1 point.  

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