Tee Lift Challenge


Challenge Description

What are we doing? How many tee lifts (lateral raises) of 5 lbs per hand with hold can you complete in 90 seconds? 

Sport type:

Challenge Instructions

Where should we do it? Any flat open space, indoors or outdoors. 

What do we need? 

Two Backpacks:

  • We recommend backpacks so you can zip the bags closed. If you don’t have backpacks, you can use a shopping bags, a tote or a purse, but please be careful to ensure the weight does not fall out of the bags during the activity. 


  • 2, 2L pop bottles.  
  • If you do not have these items, place anything that weighs 5lbs into each of your bags. 



How do we do it? 

  1. Place 1 2L pop bottle in each backpack. 
  2. Stand with your feet shoulder width apart. 
  3. Hold the backpacks to the sides of your legs. 
  4. Start your timer! 
  5. Raise the bags from beside your legs to shoulder height with your arms creating a straight line. 
  6. Hold the bags in the raised position for a count of 3. 
  7. Return to your starting position. 
  8. Count how many times you can repeat the movement in 90 seconds. 
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