Ribbon Challenge


Challenge Description

What are we doing? How well can we complete a front arabesque balance with ribbon movement? 

Rhythmic Gymnastics
Sport type:

Challenge Instructions

Where should we do it? Any flat open space, indoors or outdoors 

What do we need? 

    • Rhythmic Gymnastics Ribbon. 
    • If you no not have a proper ribbon apparatus, you can attach a ribbon or length of material to a wooden kitchen spoon. The ribbon should measure approximately 6m. 


How do we do it? 

    1. Stand with your feet together in first position. Raise your non-dominant leg to 90 degrees in front of body with toe pointed. 
    2. Raise into releve (balance on toe). 
    3. You should now be in front arabesque. 
    4. Arm not holding the ribbon should be raised straight out to your side. 
    5. Arm holding apparatus should be held straight up with ribbon stick pointed upwards. 
    6. Spiral ribbon around stick and arm (upward spirals). 
    7. Pull stick out of spirals without touching the ribbon (smoke).
    • Points:
    • On flat foot, leg below 90 degrees, upwards spiralsheld for 3 seconds– 1 point. 
    • On toe, leg below 90 degrees, upwards spirals, held for 3 seconds – 2 points. 
    • On toe, leg at 90 degrees, upwards spiral, held for 3 seconds – 3 points.
    • On toe, leg at 90 degrees, upwards spirals with smoke, held for 3 seconds – 4 points. 
    • On toe, leg at 90 degrees, upwards spirals with smoke, held for 5 seconds – 5 points. 


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