Rope Challenge


Description du défi

What are we doing? How long can you swing a rope while maintaining its “U” shape?

Rhythmic Gymnastics
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Instructions pour les défis

Where should we do it? Any open space indoors or outdoors.

What do we need?
1. A rhythmic gymnastics rope. If you do not own a rhythmic gymnastics rope, you can substitute for a skipping rope, braided rope or long piece of string. Note that the rope length varies depending on height. The rope should approximately reach both armpits if you are standing on its middle with both feet.
2. A timer or stop watch.

How do we do it?
1. Hold rope with one end in each hand; arms extended out at 45 degree angles and shoulder height

2. Stand tall, feet together


3. Swing rope left and right while maintaining the U shape of the rope and keeping arms straight and high.

4. Submit your score. Your final score will be the number of swings you successfully complete while maintaining its shape.

Note:  1 full swing is a swing to the left and right.


Maximum score is 50

Type de score : Points
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