Ball Challenge


Description du défi

What are we doing? How many ball roll outs can you complete without dropping the ball?

Rhythmic Gymnastics
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Instructions pour les défis

Where should we do it? Any open space indoors or outdoors.

What do we need? A rhythmic gymnastics ball. If you do not have that style of ball, substitute with any other large ball (soccer ball, basketball etc.)

How do we do it?
1. Start with your feet together, your arms straight down in front, and each hand is on either side of the ball.  Ball his held in between hands  .

2. Rise up on toe (relevé)

3. Remain on toe, Roll the ball up to the top of the chest, using both hands (finger tips) and elbows will end up bent, out and high.

4. Next, while remaining on toe, lower your arms a little and let the ball roll down to your catch in your hands.  Ensure one hand is on either side of the ball.

5. Then drop arms straight down, back to the starting position on flat foot.

 6. Submit your score. Your score is the amount of rolls you can complete without dropping the ball.


Score maximum is 30.


Type de score : Points
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