Box Agility


Challenge Description

What Are We Doing? How fast can you complete the four runs around the four cones. 

Basketball, Floor Hockey, Soccer, Softball
Sport type:

Challenge Instructions

Where Should We Do It?Indoors or Outdoors on a non-slip surface.  Large area to allow for 30 feet of space between all four cones. 

 What Do We Need? Stopwatch or timer app on your phone, a measuring tape, four cone type objects (jugs,  piece of tape) and appropriate footwear. 

How Should We Set-up? Place the four conesin a square formation 30 feet apart. 

How Do We Do It? 

    1. Stand behind cone #1, with feet slightly wider than hips and knees slightly bent. 
    2. On command, “Ready, Set, Go” Sprint forwards to cone #2. 
    3. At cone #2, turn sideways and shuffle or sidestep to cone #3. 
    4. At cone #3, turn so your back is towards cone #4 and run backwards to cone #4. 
    5. At cone #4, turn and sprint forward to cone #1.  



Scoring: Complete the square as fast as possible.  Total time to complete the square is recorded into the results. 

Score type : Distance
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