Distance Recognition


What are we doing? Practicing throwing at different distances with correct power and accuracy! 

Collision Course

Juli Prokopchuk BrattanBocce

What are we doing? Knocking balls closer and further away from the target. This is to simulate knocking your own throws towards the target or knocking your opponent’s throws further away from the target. 

Balance Challenge


What are we doing? Seeing how long you can can hold your finish lunge position.

Lob Shot Challenge


What are we doing? How close can you get to a target that is 10m away from you, when there are obstacles in the way? 

One Leg Stance


What are we doing?  Stand on one leg for as long as possible! 

Bowling Ball Tap

Juli Prokopchuk BrattanBowling

What Are We Doing?  Touch a ball to the ground as many times as possible in one minute! 

Boot Camp


Description: What Are We Doing? Do 10 of each of the 3 exercises in a row, as fast as you can! Challenge Instruction: Where Should We Do It?:  Open space, inside or outside.  What Do We Need?:  Stopwatch or timer on your phone.  How Should We Set–up?: Clear space around you so you do not trip or slip.  How Do … Read More

On-the-spot Circuit Challenge

paultCross Country Skiing

Description: What are we doing? Do 10 each of all five exercises in a row, as fast you can! Challenge Instruction: Where should we do it? At your team training session, or a room in your home with lots of space, or your backyard.  What do we need? Stopwatch or timer app on your phone.   How should we set-up? Make sure your workout space is clear of obstacles you could slip or trip on.  How do we do it?  1) Start your timer.  2) Do each … Read More