Shot Put


What are we doing? How far can you throw a ball using proper shot put technique?

Stair Challenge

paultAlpine Skiing

Description: What Are We Doing? Timing ourselves over a set of stairs, three times.  Challenge Instruction: Where Should We Do It? At a local set of indoor or outdoor stairs with a hand railing. There should be 14 stairs.   What Do We Need? Stopwatch or timer app on your phone, a “pylon” to mark the 14th stair.  How Should We Set-up?  Place the “pylon” at the 14th stair.  How Do We … Read More

Obstacle Course Challenge


Description: What are we doing? Timing ourselves over the length of an obstacle course of hurdles, a hill, weaving patterns, and side-stepping.  Challenge Instruction: Where should we do it? At a local greenspace that has open area with safe footing and a moderate 10 metre hill.   What do we need? Stopwatch or timer app on your phone, two hurdle objects, a dozen pylon objects.  How should we set-up?   Set one “pylon” as your starting place.   Set your hurdle object 10m ahead of the … Read More

10m Shuttle Run Challenge


Description: What are we doing? How many times can you run back and forth in 60 seconds?     Challenge Instruction: Where should we do it? Long hallway, driveway, or backyard.   What do we need? Stopwatch or a timer app on your phone, measuring tape, two pylon-like items (jugs, Tupperware),  and appropriate footwear.  How should we set up? Place your two “pylons” 10 meters apart (33 ft., about the length of a school bus!)   How do we do it?  1) Starting position: beside one of your … Read More

On-the-spot Circuit Challenge

paultCross Country Skiing

Description: What are we doing? Do 10 each of all five exercises in a row, as fast you can! Challenge Instruction: Where should we do it? At your team training session, or a room in your home with lots of space, or your backyard.  What do we need? Stopwatch or timer app on your phone.   How should we set-up? Make sure your workout space is clear of obstacles you could slip or trip on.  How do we do it?  1) Start your timer.  2) Do each … Read More

Hill Running Challenge

alexcCross Country Skiing

Description: What are we doing? Running 25 metres up a moderate hill, and timing yourself three times.   Challenge Instruction: Where should we do it? At a park or on a sidewalk beside a road. Choose firm footing and a safe location.  What do we need? Stopwatch or timer app on your phone, measuring tape, two pylon-like items (jugs, Tupperware), and appropriate footwear.  How should we set-up? Place one “pylon” at the base of the hill, and the other pylon … Read More