How It Works

Games will be offered in two formats:

Special Olympics Ontario
Monthly Competitions

Each month, Special Olympics Ontario will host a virtual competition that will highlight a variety of sports. The sports will change each month. 

Athletes have the first three weeks of each month to select, practice and submit their best results for their sport challenges. Don’t worry – many of the challenges don’t require any equipment at all! 

The last week of each month will be a celebration week, with a virtual awards ceremony for each sport. 

Community Based
(Hosted by individuals, groups or teams)

Don’t wait for Special Olympics Ontario to host a virtual competition for your favorite sport – sign up today to host your own! 

Hosting resources and sport challenges for all sports are available for individual coaches, teams, schools and partners to register to host their own competition!  

SOO will provide each host with online registration, results calculations, an event web page, and one-to-one support for anything needed!  

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Sport and Healthy Athletes Challenges
We offer a wide variety of sport challenges that everyone can participate in.  In addition to our sport challenges, Healthy Athlete challenges will be included in all Games.
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Interested in hosting your own Games?
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